Silicon Valley College Professor.

Author. Public Speaker. Trail Runner.

(And semi-retired jazz vocalist.)


Javy W. Galindo is an electrical engineer turned college humanities and social sciences professor dedicated to making the world a better place through teaching, speaking, and writing. Learn more about Javy.


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*Latest News:

  • The Happiness Habit is now available for your eBook reader.
  • An online graduate course based upon Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails is now offered through John F. Kennedy University.
  • If you are a student in one of my philosophy or humanities courses and are looking for your class website, email me directly. You will not find links to current classes here.



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Javy’s Books

Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails

“What a beautiful gift—four simple steps that can end what is so often, and for so many, a futile quest for a truly happy life…This is a simple, practical guide for anyone who’s searching for that elusive state called true happiness.” – John McGrail, Ph.D. Therapist and author of The Synthesis Effect  

“The discoveries contained herein will make an essential addition to the toolbox, of not only mental health clinicians, but to any individual who seeks the essentials of a happy life.” – Donald Lynch, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology at Unity College

 The Power of Thinking Differently

“This easy-to-read work presents instructions, anecdotes, and the findings from many fields to bypass the self-limiting notion that creativity only falls to geniuses and artists. Learn how to think not only more effectively, but altogether differently in service to your own spark of creativity.” – Psychology professor and author Craig Chalquist PhD

Javy Galindo shows us how to… touch that place of wonder and curiosity so prevalent in childhood. This book gives us up to date tools and understanding…” Clinical psychologist and author Sylvia Lafair PhD

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” -Emerson