Creativity Training Workshop Leader and Public Speaker

Silicon Valley based college instructor sharing insights on the science of creativity and the psychology of happiness through training workshops, seminars, and public speaking events.

What They’re Saying About Javy

“The exercises and insights he presented helped me to hone my own creative process, and opened new doors in seeing how I could be more innovative and collaborative in my work with colleagues.”

– Matt Harvey, Executive Director at the Stanford Tech Ventures Program

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“Thank you very much for participating in our colloquium! I thought your presentation was extremely entertaining and full of ideas for us to put to use.”

-Matt Madden, Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation

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“Javy provided a Creative Thinking talk to our group a few years ago. The talk was very interesting, engaging, informative, and a lot of fun. Javy is a great speaker and found ways to keep the audience engaged and involved.”

– Roni Kornitz, Director of Customer Quality at SanDisk

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“Javy is well versed in this subject and his talks are engaging and full of insight. I invited Javy to come talk to a group of entrepreneurs. Afterwards, many members contacted me and let me know how much they enjoyed the talk.”

– Prasun Prakash, Founder of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurial Creatives

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“On behalf of the Livermore Public Library, I would like to thank you for your inspiring talk on Sunday.  All the feedback we received are very positive.  The audience truly enjoyed your talk and found it very informative.”

– Paul Sevilla, Livermore Public Library

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Pleasanton4Why Hire Professor Galindo?

Why is Javy the right person to lead your Creativity Workshop, or speak on Creativity or Happiness at your event? Contact Javy if you are interested in any of the following:

  • An enthusiastic college instructor from John F. Kennedy University and De Anza College, located in the heart of Silicon Valley (within blocks of Apple Inc. and within running distance of Google headquarters).
  • A speaker with a wealth of well-researched insights on the psychology of happiness, the science of creativity, and the history of innovative ideas since he teaches colleges courses literally entitled Creative Minds, Critical Thinking, and the The Psychology of Happiness.
  • An author of the popular college creativity textbook “The Power of Thinking Differently” and the Amazon best seller “Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails”.
  • A public speaker experienced at engaging, inspiring, informing, and entertaining audiences in classrooms, corporate workshops, club events, church services, public lectures, private seminars, and more.
  • A professional teacher who is accustomed to motivating students by providing humorous, insightful talks and active, hands-on workshops on a daily basis.
  • A workshop leader who can draw on his real-world experience as a former electrical engineer for Cisco Systems, Motorola, ViaSat, and Northrup Grumman.
  • A happiness speaker who has can draw on his experience with major life changes, such as his leap of faith to leave his lucrative hi-tech career  in order to become a humanities and social sciences professor, all in the pursuit of a happier more fulfilling life.
  • A creativity speaker who has studied the latest neuroscientific research on creative thinking, but who has also studied creative jazz singing at the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley, CA, and improvisational comedy at the National Comedy Theater in San Diego, CA, as well as being a former high school instrumental music instructor and youth arts coordinator.

Bechtel Leadership Symposium (4 Hr Corporate Creativity Workshop w/ 80+ attendees) “Thank you very much for participating in our colloquium! I thought your presentation was extremely entertaining and full of ideas for us to put to use. The feedback I got from everyone was very positive. It was a pleasure meeting and working with you.”

Matt Madden

Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation

Creativity Training Workshop and Speaking Topics

All about Creativity, Innovation, and Imaginative Thinking

A man is born in 1990 and dies in 2010, yet he is 25 years old when he dies. How can this be possible? Have you ever been stuck, unable to access creative solutions to an apparently impossible problem, or unable to see beyond limited possibilities? How different would things be if you, your coworkers, or employees truly believed that for every problem there exists infinite possibilities? How would your life be different if you knew how to easily attain innovative ideas, creative solutions, and unique perspectives? Learn how to access a world of infinite creative possibilities through professor Galindo’s enlightening, interactive, lighthearted talks and workshops. Based on his “Creative Minds” college course, let Javy help you and your organization learn the skills and attitudes needed to be more creative and innovative.

Sample creativity workshop and speaking proposal, including a detailed list of topics covered and speaking fees can be found here:

See Sample Creativity Proposal

Sample Creativity Workshop / Talk

Cultivating Creative Groups

Sample Creativity Workshop / Talk

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Authentic Happiness Workshop and Speaking Topics

A Creative Approach to Joy, Satisfaction, and a Meaningful Life 

For many, happiness can seem like an elusive mirage: apparently filling our lives with joy and contentment in one moment, only to slip through our fingers the next. As a result, many find themselves in the constant pursuit of happiness. In this interactive, enlightening, and lighthearted talk, De Anza College & John F. Kennedy University professor Javy W. Galindo explains how happiness need not be pursued, but chosen. Based on his graduate course on the psychology of happiness, let professor Galindo help you or your group learn the skills and attitudes needed to achieve authentic happiness. 

Sample happiness workshop and speaking proposal, including a detailed list of topics covered can be found here:

See Sample Authentic Happiness Proposal

Sample Authentic Happiness Workshop / Talk

Why Happiness is Hard to Find

Sample Authentic Happiness Workshop / Talk

How to Be Happy